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Factory Building Plan

Factory Building Plan

“Plant layout of machineries” means installation of machines in the shop floor according to the flow of manufacturing process. Machine safety is vital element for the safety of workers working on & around the machines.

The safe distance between the machineries & free space for the movement of men & materials on the shop floor attributes safe working condition & so also prevents the possibilities of industrial accidents.

The factory buildings required to be constructed to have better ventilation & exploring the natural sunlight & providing means of escape in case of fire & emergency situations.

In view of the above, our team of qualified engineers who are expertise in preparing the plans for factory building, plant layout of machineries & fire evacuation plan in accordance with the provisions of law.

Preparation of factory building plans includes:

  • Site plan showing the immediate boundaries & orientation
  • Plan, Elevation & Section of the factory building
  • Schedule of openings such as windows, ventilators as per the rules
  • Preparation of the machinery layout clearly showing the installation of machineries, safe distance between the machines, passage ways & aisles for the free movement of men & materials
  • Preparation of Fire Evacuation plan showing the means of fire escape routes, emergency exits, location of emergency equipments & Safe assembly point