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Industrial Safety Audits

Safety Audit (Gap Analysis)

Organization's with positive safety culture are characterized by communications forwarded on mutual trust by shared perceptions of the importance of safety & by confidence in the efficacy of the preventive measures.

Factory may be a small or large will have high hazard or low risk, but one thing every organization has a common is that they need to make sure they fallow good health, safety & Environmental practices. We examine all facilities & activities of organizations from a safety perceptive assess the current level of prevention, protection & emergency preparedness & subsequently prepare an action plan to upgrade safety procedure to avert mishaps & limit consequences.

The main objective of safety Audit is to carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving personnel, plant, services & operational methods in order to ensure that existing health & safety practices fully satisfy the requirements stipulated by laws. It is imperative to ensure that employees feel safe working in an organization.

Scope: Audit includes the safety elements specified by Indian Standards 14489:1998 – Code of Practice on Occupational Safety Audit. It provides guidelines for verifying the existing and implementation of elements of occupational safety system and verifying the system’s ability to achieve defined safety objectives. Related specific hazards are also identified. Inputs is suggested depending on the requirement of the organization, the audit can focus on the following elements of the safety systems

  • Hazard identification and Controls
  • Material handling equipments and practices
  • Fire prevention and protection
  • Chemical Handling Safety
  • Biological Hazard
  • Noise illumination and Ventilation aspects
  • Plant Layout
  • Emergency planning & preparedness
  • Work practices, procedures and permits

Audit Process

1. Opening meeting with management team to brief about the audit

2. Gap Analysis/Pre audit by doing site walk through and data collection at site.

3. Plant study

4. Closing meeting with management team to discuss audit findings & compliance.